• “Even the stones were destroyed”

    “Even the stones were destroyed”0

    Gethin Chamberlain, on the Darfur border, for The Scotsman, 15 June 2004 HALAWA’S body lay on the mountainside where she fell when the bombs exploded, her womb torn open, the tiny body of her unborn baby lying by her side, the blood soaking into the soil congealing in the heat of the sun. She was

  • Shallow grave is testimony to Sudan’s lies

    Shallow grave is testimony to Sudan’s lies0

    Gethin Chamberlain, In Nami, North Darfur, for The Scotsman, 4 August 2004 THE grave is just a mound of earth, no more than two feet high at its peak and 10ft in diameter. It lies about 50 yards from the edge of the village of Nami in North Darfur. From the thorn tree a few